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Gyasi Ross is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and his family also belongs to the Suquamish Nation. He wrote a book called “Don’t Know Much About Indians (but i wrote a book about us anyways)” which you can get at www.dkmai.com. He is also writing a new book out in the Summer of 2012 appropriately “The Thing About Skins,” and the website and publishing company for that handy, dandy book is www.cutbankcreekpress.com (coming soon).  He also semi-does the twitter thing at twitter.com/BigIndianGyasi  You can catch  Gyasi regularly writing for “The Thing About Skins” column in Indian Country Today Media Network, at www.indiancountrymedianetwork.com

The Violence Against Women Act: Why Most Republicans In The House Say It’s Ok To Rape, Idle No More And Gun Rights

Introduction: Of Gun Rights And Politics There is a fundamental difference between “leadership”/“helping people,” and “politics.” Yet, most folks tend to conflate the 3 terms and pretend that they’re inextricably linked or even synonymous. They’re not the same. “Leadership” is when a person steps out on a limb, rightly or wrongly, to take a stance […]

Why Progressive People Should Give Money To Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign To Get This Bigot Out Of Office Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts. Hold that thought, please—indulge me for a few minutes while we talk about discrimination, outrage and offensive behavior. See, subjective tests for racial/gender outrage are ineffective—everybody feels offended at something that other people […]

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A train ride with a token Indian

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We learn to be aware of the things of which you all are probably aware. While we can not be certain that you ARE thinking a certain thing, still based upon past experience, we’re pretty sure that you are. We check you out at as you’re checking us out. Thing is, we’ve seen your “tells” […]

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