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American Indian Painters Travel to Paris, Bust a Few Stereotypes

By Dominique Godreche, from our friends at Indian Country Today, Eleven Native artists went to Paris late last year for an art show titled Oklahoma Painters, which was part of the sixth annual Art en Capital event at the massive Grand Palais. The exhibit was set up by curator Russell Tall Chief, Osage, director of arts & exhibitions […]

10 Reasons not to read this

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1. Let’s start with the obvious: The author is a white male, part of a group whose voice is vastly overrepresented in the media. Instead of reading yet another piece from a white male perspective, why not read something written by those whose voices are either not heard or marginalized. 2. Chances are, if you’re […]

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Well, here’s a piece I never imagined myself writing: A defense of a white man’s use of the N-word. I want to start with a little back-story: I don’t use the N-word. Not ever. But I used to, not so long ago. I used it in the context of talking about racism in my psychology […]

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By Dr. Alcira Dueñas This past weekend, I had the unique opportunity to attend a talk, a play, and part of a workshop by Héctor Aristizábal, a multiphacetic artist with a singular approach to life and a serious commitment to transform the vital experience of many around the planet. The way Héctor conceives social change as […]

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