Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Looking Forward to Prevention and Solutions

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January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. While more people are learning about trafficking and the climate of fear that subjects so many low-wage workers to this assault on their basic dignity, we still have a lot of work to do in crafting long-term solutions that will prevent such human rights abuses.

As we take time to honor those who have survived trafficking and modern slavery, Race-Talk has invited experts to talk about their suggestions for promising solutions to address and prevent it. These leaders include important voices on the issue—people working directly with survivors, years of experience in the field, and leading policy advocates. They focus on the impact of our own consumer behavior in trafficking, intersections with public and sexual health, screening and awareness to promote legal remedies, and crafting policies for prevention from survivors.

We hope you find their commentary interesting and thought-provoking—Best—Juhu Thukral


Undocumented Immigrants Overlooked in Anti Human Trafficking Efforts — By Kavitha Sreeharsha

Individual Experiences of Trafficking Provide Crucial Information for Prevention –By Melissa Ditmore and Suzanne B. Seltzer

Human Trafficking and Corporate Supply Chains — By Ivy O. Suriyopas

Confiscating Condoms from Sex Workers and Trafficking Victims – a Dangerous Policy — By Sienna Baskin

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