Juhu Thukral is the guest editor for Race-Talk this week: Human trafficking

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Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Histories, Solutions, and Remedies

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. A key part of paying respect to those who’ve experienced this severe human rights abuse includes looking back at the history of anti-trafficking efforts and where they have led us, and thinking about the most effective path forward to prevent others from being trafficked.

In order to think proactively about solutions to the problem of human trafficking, it is crucial to answer the most basic question of all: What exactly is trafficking in persons? Race-Talk has invited experts to weigh in with their answers and their ideas for future efforts throughout this week. These writers include some of the leading voices, thinkers, and practitioners on the issue of trafficking in persons. They include lawyers who represent trafficked persons on a daily basis, advocates who have pushed forward innovative policies over the last decade and more, and activists who have incorporated anti-trafficking issues into their intersecting fields.

We hope you find their commentary interesting and thought-provoking—Best—Juhu Thukral

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